Why R.E.S. Contracting Is the Right Prescott Home Builder for You

For a new, custom-built home in the Prescott area, one contracting firm stands out as the leader in customer service, green building, and reliability.

R.E.S. Contracting has served the Prescott community for more than 23 years, and past clients are consistently happy with their homes. If you’re looking to design and build a home, finding the right home builder in Prescott AZ will make all the difference.

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Customer Service

With R.E.S. Contracting, customer service is of utmost importance. Design and budget are entirely up to the homeowners. The staff of R.E.S. Contracting see themselves as guides who can offer advice that will give you the house of your dreams at a cost that you can afford. As a homeowner, you will be able to visit your home during construction in order to ensure that everything is to your satisfaction. Your needs, concerns, expectations, and budget will always be at the forefront of your builders’ minds. Once R.E.S. Contracting begins their work, you can be confident in their understanding of your needs as well as their complete dedication to pleasing you.

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Green Building

Green building is an important aspect of the R.E.S. Contracting experience. Of all the home builders in Prescott AZ, no one is a more eco-friendly builder than R.E.S. Contracting. The most important aspect of Green Construction is building a structure that keeps the heat inside during the winter and stays cool in the summer. A quality, well insulated structure is the first and most important step in building a Green Home.

Many people choose green construction because of the environmental benefits. However, there are several other reasons to build in a way that helps the environment. One financial benefit of a green home is the expectation of $800 to $2,500 in savings every year just from seasonal energy costs. Prescott has four distinct seasons, and you need a builder who understands the importance of lowering energy costs.

Another major benefit is the superior comfort of a well built home. Energy efficient homes are naturally more comfortable and provide a healthier environment.

Green homes are also more peaceful. Since their appliances work more efficiently, they are simply quieter. At the same time, however, green homes boldly point to the future. The wave of future construction is energy efficiency. Builders and owners alike need to be aware of their effects on the entire planet as well as their own community.

The certification associated with a green home is also impressive and adds value to the home. R.E.S. Contracting offers Energy Star and LEED Certification. The homeowners’ needs are evaluated to determine the best choice for them.


Reliability is also an important part of the R.E.S. Contracting experience. The Better Business Bureau has given them an A+ rating. Ed is a respected building scientist, and Connie manages the office. She keeps constant communication between builders and owners to make sure that the end result is right. As quality home builders in Prescott AZ, Ed and Connie know that a schedule is not a suggestion; it’s an expectation. That’s why R.E.S. Contracting’s projects run according to schedule as much as possible.

Whether you’re looking for the best home builder in Prescott AZ or simply have a passion for green, reliable, customer-driven construction, R.E.S. Contracting is your team. With countless success stories in Prescott, the testimonials speak for themselves. R.E.S. Contracting will take your dream and make it your reality.

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