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December 21, 2021

  • What Is A Semi-Custom Home?

    Tuesday, 21 December 2021by RES Contracting

    Can’t decide between building a semi-custom or custom home here in Prescott? While semi-custom homes do come with their benefits, we always encourage our customers to go with custom homes. Keep reading to learn why we think a custom home will make you and your family happier than a semi-custom home. What Is A Semi-Custom Read more…

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  • Green Building Design Ideas

    Tuesday, 7 December 2021by RES Contracting

    With more people becoming concerned with the health of our planet, it’s the perfect time to go green on your next build. Environmentally-conscious people will be happy to know that there are several ways to go green when building a 2nd or 3rd home. Keep reading to learn more about some green building design ideas Read more…

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  • 7 Fun Ways to Enjoy Prescott This Winter

    Wednesday, 24 November 2021by RES Contracting

    Looking to build a second or third home and considering Prescott, Arizona for your project? Prescott is a small and beautiful city in central Arizona that offers breathtaking natural landscapes within minutes, a thriving downtown, and plenty of outdoor activities year-round. You can easily enjoy horseback riding, kayaking, camping, mountain biking, visit local breweries, eat Read more…

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  • Choosing The Best Countertops for Your Custom Home

    Sunday, 7 November 2021by RES Contracting

    Choosing the right countertop for your custom home makes the interior exactly what you want while adding value to your home. But how do you make the right choice? Deciding which countertops will be the best for your custom home isn’t an easy task. Some countertops are more durable than others, some are more attractive, Read more…

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  • Our Guide to Construction Veneer: Stone, Brick, & Wood

    Wednesday, 27 October 2021by RES Contracting

    Construction companies and DIY’ers are making the switch that many never thought would happen: they’re going from solid materials like stone, brick, and wood to using veneer instead. There are lots of reasons why this is happening. First, veneer is durable and costs much less to build with and to insure. What’s more, veneer is Read more…

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  • Unique Design Ideas For A Prescott Custom Home

    Monday, 4 October 2021by RES Contracting

    We are excited to share our favorite unique ideas for a Prescott custom home. The beautiful surroundings, the seasons, and the unique natural bounty of the area all create opportunities to craft innovative touches that can make your home truly stand out and reflect your aesthetic.  If you are in the beginning stages of choosing Read more…

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  • 5 Reasons To Build Versus Rehab

    Tuesday, 31 August 2021by RES Contracting

    What an exciting time it is when you have decided to buy a home somewhere beautiful, like here in the Prescott area of Arizona. Next, you’ll want to decide if you are going to rehab an existing home or build a custom dream home. So, it is a good idea to explore the benefits of Read more…

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  • HERS Ratings – Efficiency Rating For Houses

    Wednesday, 28 July 2021by RES Contracting

    Are you wondering how you can make the most of your home’s HERS rating? Or, maybe you don’t even know what a HERS rating is. Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered. Here, we’ll go over everything you need to know about HERS ratings, including what they are, what a good score is, and how Read more…

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  • Backyard Ideas For Your Prescott Custom Home

    Wednesday, 30 June 2021by RES Contracting

    If you’re considering building a custom home – or if you’ve already taken the first steps to build – you’ve probably thought about your yard. Having a big backyard is one of the best things about owning a house, and with a custom home, your backyard can be however you imagine it. If you’re in Read more…

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  • Summer Activities in Prescott

    Thursday, 27 May 2021by RES Contracting

    Prescott is an ideal summer playground for those who love the outdoors and enjoy a wide choice of hometown activities. There is an abundance of riches when it comes to outdoor activities and the weather could not be more perfect in summer. That is why so many people build their summer homes here. No matter Read more…

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  • How To Choose a Custom Home Builder

    Monday, 26 April 2021by RES Contracting

    You’ve fallen in love with the outdoor lifestyle and incredible countryside of Prescott, Arizona, and you are contemplating claiming a piece of it for your own by building a custom home. It may be a primary residence or get-away second home, but you know you want your family to experience this exceptional place. Now, you’re Read more…

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  • Reasons Why People are Moving to Prescott, Arizona

    Wednesday, 7 April 2021by RES Contracting

    If you’ve been researching places to build your next custom home, you may have noticed that Prescott keeps showing up. You may wonder why people are moving to Prescott. There are many great reasons to move here. Located in central Arizona, historic Prescott has become a popular destination for people nearing retirement and those families Read more…

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