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June 11, 2020

About Us

Custom Homes in Prescott Arizona Since 1987

Matt, Connie and Ed

R.E.S. Contracting is locally owned by Matt Bohannon and Ed & Connie Stahl

Matt is an Arizona native and has been working in construction since high school. He graduated from Yavapai College with a degrees in Residential and Commercial Construction Management. Matt joined RES Contracting in 2013 and is now a partner in charge of field management. Ed and Connie moved to Prescott in 1987. Ed is certified as a Green Building Professional by the National Association of Home Builders, NAHB.

Ed’s expertise in building science has made him one of the most respected builders in the area. He is an Energy Star Builder and recently completed a LEED Gold rated home. His up-to-date methods are cost effective and can be integrated into the construction of any home.

Connie is the office manager who assists with organization and scheduling to improve communication with home owners and ensure their budgets stay on track.

R.E.S. Contracting is one of the most respected builders in Prescott

We have over 30 years of experience building custom homes in the Prescott area. The Better Business Bureau awarded R.E.S. Contracting with an A+ rating, and the company has affiliations with the Chamber of Commerce, LEED for homes, Energy Star and the U.S. Green Building Council as well.

Choose RES Contracting

key-to-your-new-AZ-homeR.E.S. Contracting uses green building practices and Energy Star procedures that add comfort and value to the homes we build. When our homes are Energy Star Certified, their ratings are usually Five Stars.

Prescott area residents who live in homes built by R.E.S. Contracting normally save between $800 and $2500 on energy expenses every year because of the green methods we use for building homes. In addition to their environmental friendliness and cost-saving features, our homes are also quieter, more comfortable and provide a healthier living environment

Customer Service

With R.E.S. Contracting, customer service is of utmost importance. Design and budget are entirely up to the homeowners. The staff of R.E.S. Contracting see themselves as guides who can offer advice that will give you the house of your dreams at a cost that you can afford. Your needs, concerns, expectations, and budget will always be at the forefront.

Green Technology

Making The World Greener

An essential part of building a quality home is making sure it is energy efficient, comfortable and safe. We are experts at incorporating green technology into the homes we build, which means you save on utility costs, decrease energy consumption and reduce the carbon footprint of your home. We offer several aspects of green technology in our homes to diminish the impact on the environment:

1. Solar heating and hot water

2. Tankless water heaters

3. Radiant heating

4. Photovoltaic solar systems

5. Rainwater catchment

6. Gray water systems

7. Spray foam and super-insulation

8. Green sustainable building products

9. Indoor air quality ventilators

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