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June 30, 2021

Backyard Ideas For Your Prescott Custom Home

Backyard Ideas For Your Prescott Custom Home

If you’re considering building a custom home – or if you’ve already taken the first steps to build – you’ve probably thought about your yard. Having a big backyard is one of the best things about owning a house, and with a custom home, your backyard can be however you imagine it. If you’re in need of some ideas of how your backyard could look, RES is happy to supply some!

Prescott’s Weather and Climate

Prescott is a beautiful place to live, and it has an ideal climate for being outdoors. Prescott gets roughly 16 inches of rain per year, 13 inches of snow per year, and has 277 sunny days per year. There are four full seasons, each with lovely, mild temperatures.

If you’re thinking of building a home somewhere, you can’t do better than Prescott!

What Landscaping Means to a New Custom Build

When you build a custom home, the yard is essentially a blank slate, ready for you to create your dream garden, playground, or party venue. When going into preparing the backyard in your new custom home, it’s a good idea to have a solid plan in mind and the means to make it happen on schedule. Remember, though, that making the perfect backyard can take years.

Landscaping Ideas

With a custom home, a backyard is like an easel – and you’re the artist. Use these suggestions to create the backyard of your dreams – or use them as a basis to let your creativity run.

  • A Blooming Garden: Who doesn’t love the sight of a garden in full bloom, bursting with flowers and plants of your choice? Maintaining a garden can be hard work, but it’s all worth it to look out your window and see a symphony of beautiful flowers, or to eat a fresh vegetable straight from the backyard. 
  • Water Features: If you love the aesthetic of water, but don’t want the hassle of dealing with a large pool, look into installing water features, such as a small pond, a fountain, or a crafted waterfall. Not only do these look beautiful and classy, they’re also great for relaxing by and finding a sense of zen and calm. 
  • A Porch: Porches are ideal for summer days when the sun is beating down, but you still want to spend time outdoors. They’re also great for family barbeques, hosting parties, and relaxing with a book in the evening. Adding a porch in the backyard of your custom home will add a classic look and feature that the whole family can enjoy.
  • Stonework: A stone pathway, a stone fire pit, a stone birdbath – whatever the item is, stone always adds a classic and beautiful look to a backyard. 
  • Find Your Perfect Aesthetic: Look around online or in landscaping magazines – or just meditate on it for a while – to find what backyard aesthetic is perfect for you and your family. Do you like the look of wild, “untamed” greenery? A perfectly manicured zen garden? Grab hold of whatever makes you happiest and make it come true.

Ready to get started making your ideal home and backyard happen? Call RES Contracting at (928)-776-0301 to get started. We’re excited to work with you.