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May 2, 2022

  • Prescott Custom Home Market Report: Q1 2022

    Monday, 2 May 2022by RES Contracting

    While the share of homebuyers looking for a new home versus an existing home declined to a pre-pandemic level of 19%, there is still enough pressure in the residential construction market to keep prices moving higher. New home starts are up and total spending on residential construction increased by 1.1% (NAHB). While we think the Read more…

  • Should I Wait To Build My Custom Home?

    Thursday, 28 April 2022by RES Contracting

    A dream home. A vacation home. A summer home. There are plenty of reasons why you might want to get that custom home built and ready to move into right now. But how do you know if now is the right time? Read on if you’re wondering whether you should wait to build your custom Read more…

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  • 30 Years Of Lessons Learned In Building Custom Homes

    Thursday, 24 March 2022by RES Contracting

    You learn a thing or two when you’ve spent 30 years helping people build the custom homes of their dreams. At R.E.S. Contracting, the biggest thing we’ve learned is that people want building a custom home to be as fun and stress-free as possible. By choosing a custom builder with the right experience, you can Read more…

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  • Before You Build: Pre-Planning Your Custom Home Build

    Tuesday, 15 March 2022by RES Contracting

    Have you been thinking about building a custom home? While not an easy task, creating a custom home to live in can be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll have as a homeowner. If you’re considering building a custom home in Prescott, Arizona, here’s what you need to know about pre-planning for your custom Read more…

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  • 5 Risks Of Buying A Renovated Home

    Monday, 28 February 2022by RES Contracting

    The appeal of Prescott is undeniable. Many of us have decided to move to this oasis in the mountains to make a home here. Whether that is a permanent year-round home or a second home away from home, we all need a quality residence that will serve us well. With that in mind, how can Read more…

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  • The Costs To Build A Custom Home: Market Update February 2022

    Thursday, 24 February 2022by RES Contracting

    At RES Contracting, we get regular inquiries into the costs per square foot to build a custom home in Prescott. Many would-be homeowners look to find the right time to invest their money into the custom home of their dreams. So, we’ve put together some data for you all to help in making that decision. Read more…

  • Custom Home Design Trends 2022

    Tuesday, 18 January 2022by RES Contracting

    Having a custom home is anyone’s dream. You get to choose everything, including the fixtures, layout, and design. But sometimes it can be difficult to think of the best design ideas for a home, especially if you’re trying to stay on-trend. So, if you’ve been dreaming about your perfect home but aren’t sure how to Read more…

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  • Choosing The Best Prescott Community For Your Custom Home

    Thursday, 13 January 2022by RES Contracting

    Which community is best for your new custom home in Prescott, Arizona? Prescott offers breathtaking natural landscapes within minutes, a thriving downtown, and plenty of outdoor activities year-round. With several first-rate communities nestled into the hills surrounding downtown Prescott, it’s the perfect place to live, offering a great balance of country and city living. Read Read more…

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  • What Is A Semi-Custom Home?

    Tuesday, 21 December 2021by RES Contracting

    Can’t decide between building a semi-custom or custom home here in Prescott? While semi-custom homes do come with their benefits, we always encourage our customers to go with custom homes. Keep reading to learn why we think a custom home will make you and your family happier than a semi-custom home. What Is A Semi-Custom Read more…

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  • Green Building Design Ideas

    Tuesday, 7 December 2021by RES Contracting

    With more people becoming concerned with the health of our planet, it’s the perfect time to go green on your next build. Environmentally-conscious people will be happy to know that there are several ways to go green when building a 2nd or 3rd home. Keep reading to learn more about some green building design ideas Read more…

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  • 7 Fun Ways to Enjoy Prescott This Winter

    Wednesday, 24 November 2021by RES Contracting

    Looking to build a second or third home and considering Prescott, Arizona for your project? Prescott is a small and beautiful city in central Arizona that offers breathtaking natural landscapes within minutes, a thriving downtown, and plenty of outdoor activities year-round. You can easily enjoy horseback riding, kayaking, camping, mountain biking, visit local breweries, eat Read more…

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  • Choosing The Best Countertops for Your Custom Home

    Sunday, 7 November 2021by RES Contracting

    Choosing the right countertop for your custom home makes the interior exactly what you want while adding value to your home. But how do you make the right choice? Deciding which countertops will be the best for your custom home isn’t an easy task. Some countertops are more durable than others, some are more attractive, Read more…

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