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November 29, 2023

  • Sustainable Energy: Photovoltaics for Your Prescott Home

    Wednesday, 29 November 2023by RES Contracting

    In the heart of Prescott, where nature’s beauty is a daily panorama, integrating sustainable solutions into your custom home aligns with the essence of this beautiful Arizonian town. At RES Contracting, we understand the growing importance of sustainable energy, particularly the role of photovoltaics in powering your home. Let’s explore the potential of solar panels, Read more…

  • Sustainable Custom Homes: Building with Energy Efficiency in Mind

    Thursday, 27 April 2023by RES Contracting

    When designing and building a custom home in Prescott, incorporating energy efficiency and sustainability should be a top priority. Not only will a sustainable custom home have a lower impact on the environment, but it will also provide long-term cost savings through reduced energy consumption. In this blog post, we’ll discuss key strategies for building Read more…

  • How To Build A Green Home

    Friday, 29 July 2022by RES Contracting

    A beautiful plot of land often inspires homebuilders to protect their surrounding environment by building a green home. Green homes don’t only benefit the planet. They also help you by reducing your utility costs and improving your health. If you’re interested in building the eco-friendly house of your dreams, knowing how to build a green Read more…

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  • Green Building Design Ideas

    Tuesday, 7 December 2021by RES Contracting

    With more people becoming concerned with the health of our planet, it’s the perfect time to go green on your next build. Environmentally-conscious people will be happy to know that there are several ways to go green when building a 2nd or 3rd home. Keep reading to learn more about some green building design ideas Read more…

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  • HERS Ratings – Efficiency Rating For Houses

    Wednesday, 28 July 2021by RES Contracting

    Are you wondering how you can make the most of your home’s HERS rating? Or, maybe you don’t even know what a HERS rating is. Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered. Here, we’ll go over everything you need to know about HERS ratings, including what they are, what a good score is, and how Read more…

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  • Net Zero Home Builders in Prescott

    Tuesday, 29 September 2020by RES Contracting

    If you’re interested in building an eco-friendly home, you may have heard of the phrase “Net-Zero Home.” But what does it entail, exactly, and are the benefits worth it? Net-zero homes are a relatively rare phenomenon, but they’re growing in popularity, with more and more being built every year. And they’re growing more popular for Read more…

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  • Why Build a Green Home?

    Monday, 22 June 2020by RES Contracting

    Building a green home has numerous benefits – not just the feeling you get from knowing that you’re helping the earth and keeping your carbon footprint low, but it also has surprising financial benefits you may not have known about. Below are just some fantastic reasons why to build a custom green home. Benefits of Read more…

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  • Top 10 Green Building Features for Custom Homes

    Monday, 18 May 2020by RES Contracting

    Green building features are a hot topic of discussion right now for new-construction homes. Custom home builders are at the forefront of real world applications for green buildings that are functional, beautiful, and eco-friendly. Sustainable homes are better for homeowners to live in, since they save money and use safe, non-toxic components. But they also Read more…

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