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May 14, 2020

Cost to Build a Custom Home in Prescott

Cost to Build a Custom Home in Prescott

Building a custom home is a significant investment. But it’s also more than worth the price tag. Before you start the process of getting your custom home built, you should be able to budget properly, so you don’t find yourself forgetting something essential – and you should be aware of any potential “hidden costs” down the line. We’re here to help walk you through it. What are the costs to build your custom home in Prescott?

Major Cost Components of a Custom Home in Prescott

What are the major cost components of building a custom home?

  • Size: Obviously, the bigger your house, the more it will cost to build.
  • Area: Depending on what part of the country you are in, building a home may have extra cost. In Arizona, the average cost of a custom home is approximately $385,000.
  • Property Condition and Land: Price will vary depending on whether you want to purchase land for your new home or build it on land you already own; another factor is, of course, the size of the new land.

Hidden Costs In Custom Homes

Hidden costs include not only things that may have slipped your mind about building a custom home, but also costs that vary or are more than you expected. Here are some things you need to look out for:

  • Land preparation: Before builders can start creating your dream home, the land it will rest on needs to be cleared and have the necessary utilities installed. Since there’s a lot of labor involved with this, and it’s hard to tell how much labor will be involved before it’s finished, the price for this will vary – but will probably land in the thousands.
  • Landscaping: Once you’re moved into your new home, you might find that the prospect of landscaping your new yard(s) seems daunting – especially if you live in a neighborhood with an HOA, who may have its own requirements. You may want (or need) sod or grass seeds, and to make it look nice you may want to plant some trees, flowers, and shrubs.
  • Window coverings: This might seem random, but curtains and blinds – and the rods needed to hold them up – add up when you have possibly dozens of windows that need covering, and if you move into a home without window coverings, you may soon be feeling strange being so open to the world.

In order to avoid some hidden or unexpected costs of a custom home, we advise that you prioritize your wish list and make key decisions early on.

How Does RES Contracting Approach Cost Control

RES Contracting is able to best help a client stay on budget by being involved very early in the process. When we are involved in the design, we can guide the client throughout the decision process of the size of the home and the finishes. We are very “open book” with our costs and prefer to meet regularly with the client to review costs to date and plan for the following phases of construction.

Getting Started On Your Custom Home

We’re glad that you’ll be joining our community here in Prescott, Arizona. And we’d be honored to build your dream home for you. We have been building custom homes here long enough to know how to manage the costs. We’ll be there for you every step of the way to make sure you move into the house you envisioned at the budget you planned for. Call us today to get started on your Prescott custom home. 928-776-0301.