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December 7, 2021

Green Building Design Ideas

Green Building Design Ideas

With more people becoming concerned with the health of our planet, it’s the perfect time to go green on your next build. Environmentally-conscious people will be happy to know that there are several ways to go green when building a 2nd or 3rd home. Keep reading to learn more about some green building design ideas that you can incorporate into your next project. 

What is Green Building?

Green building engages in the construction and design processes that are environmentally responsible in a way that creates positive impacts and reduces negative ones, on the Earth’s natural environment. Through each phase of a project, builders intentionally use such methods in order to preserve the world’s natural resources.

Green Building Ideas

Wondering how you can go green for your next project? Here are some of our favorite green building design ideas: 

  • Choose the right roof: A roof that stays cool is a lot better for the environment because it increases your home’s overall energy efficiency. Opt for a roof color that is light and reflects the sun. This way, your roof will retain less heat during the day and cool off faster at night. Some options for green roof materials are light-colored tiles, slate, and terracotta.
  • Solar panels: Solar panels reduce your home’s reliance on energies like fossil fuels that are harmful to the Earth. Instead, using solar panels increases your use of renewable energies that don’t damage the environment. Plus, the technology for solar panels is advancing every day, and they can be added to a home’s roof in a stylish way. 
  • Work with the terrain: Cutting down trees and flattening hills is a huge interruption to natural landscapes. If you are building on natural land, the best thing you can do is work with the terrain you’re given. That means embracing hills and trees and making your house one with nature. A good designer should be able to do this for you with no problem. 
  • Choose the right materials: Your material choices throughout the building process can have a big impact on your project’s carbon footprint. Consider using recycled materials when you can (for insulation, reclaimed wood, countertops made of recycled glass, etc.). You might also opt for sustainable materials like natural wood, bamboo, cork, or linoleum. 
  • Water: Water waste is a big source of harm to the environment. Keep this in mind when choosing appliances and fixtures that relate to water. You can opt for water-saving fixtures and high-efficiency appliances to reduce the overconsumption of water. 
  • Keep it small: Not every house has to be giant. In fact, any small house will always be more efficient than a larger one with the same environmentally-friendly building techniques. By only living in a home that is the size you need, you improve efficiency and lower your home’s overall impact on the environment. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to live in a tiny house. Intentionally designing your home to only include what you truly need, and being smart in that design, should be enough. 

Ready to Build Your Green Home in Prescott?

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