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September 25, 2018

How It Works

  • How It Works: Building a Custom Home

    You’ve chosen a great place to build your custom home -- or your second or third custom home. And you’ve chosen the right custom home builder in Prescott, RES Contracting. The overall process in building a custom home is as follows: 1. Choose the Site 2. Design Your Home 3. Watch it Take Form FIND OUT ABOUT US +
  • Choose Your Homesite

    Choose Your Homesite

    There are so many great areas to choose from in the Prescott area. You’ll have great views in just about every direction. If you need help picking your home’s land, we are happy to share our decades of experience with you. We’ve seen the views from just about every spot in this beautiful Arizona landscape.
  • Design Your Home

    Design Your Home

    You have a lot of decisions to make when it comes to the design of your new custom home. You’ll want to begin with the floorplan. The layout of your new home will determine just about everything else. That’s the easy part. Then, you need to choose everything from colors, flooring, fixtures, windows, and landscape. Of course, you’ll go through all of your decisions with us, so that we can advise you on time and budget.
  • Let Us Build It

    Let Us Build It

    You’ll be involved in every step of the way as we bring your new custom home to life. Our clients always delight at ground breaking, when the frame is finished, and when the drywall starts going up. You can see your dreams form right before your eyes. Once the final touches are in place -- interior finishings and landscaping outdoors -- you’ll be ready to take the keys and move in. It’s a moment we have been honored to share with our clients for over three decades. Ready to get started? Call our office now at 928-776-0301 or email our team at We look forward to building your dreams together!
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