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October 26, 2022

How To Build Your Multigenerational Custom Home

How To Build Your Multigenerational Custom Home

If your family is searching for the perfect multigenerational home, building your own is the perfect solution. By designing your multigenerational home, you can give your family exactly what it needs to be happy, healthy, and successful in the future. Keep reading to learn more about how to build your multigenerational custom home. 

What Is A Multigenerational Home?

A multigenerational home is one where more than two generations live together in the same house. For example, a couple may live in a house with their children and elder parents. Multigenerational homes are growing in popularity in the United States. In 2021, almost 60 million Americans lived in multigenerational households

How Do You Build A Multigenerational Home?

Custom building your multigenerational home allows you to tailor a house specific to your family’s needs. Typical multigenerational homes focus on space and flexibility. Here are some tips on how to build a custom multigenerational home: 

  • First-floor bedroom. If you’re planning to build a two-story house, consider putting a large suite on the first floor. If you have elder adults living with you, a bedroom on the first floor will allow them to comfortably live without worrying about constantly using stairs. 
  • Open living. Anyone looking to embrace family time should include an open floor plan throughout the home. Keep your living spaces large, flexible, and open to other areas of your home, such as the kitchen. 
  • Flexible space. Having a lot of people living under the same roof may cause space issues, even if you’re building your own home. As you design your floor plan, focus on creating bonus spaces that can be used for different purposes over time.
  • Bathrooms. You can never have too many bathrooms. That statement rings even more true if you live in a multigenerational household. Having several bathrooms will give each member of your family a chance at privacy. You’ll also avoid any fights over bathroom time! 

3 Benefits Of Living In A Multigenerational House

Multigenerational homes provide a variety of benefits to the people living in them. Three of the most significant benefits of living in a multigenerational household are: 

  1. Higher financial stability and improved finances. 
  2. Better quality and more convenient care for children.
  3. Strengthened bonds and relationships between family members. 

What To Look For In A Multigenerational Home

If you’re looking for the perfect multigenerational home for your family, there are certain things you should look out for. First, you want to ensure there is enough space to accommodate your entire family. That means ample bedrooms, bathrooms, and shared living space. You may also look for separate living quarters such as an in-law suite, guest house, or basement apartment. 

The most important thing to remember as you search for or design your multigenerational home is that your family comes first. Look for the house that best meets your and your family’s needs. 

Build Your Multigenerational Dream Home

A custom home is the best choice if you’re looking to build the perfect multigenerational home for your family. At RES Contracting, we have 30 years of experience helping families build the custom homes of their dreams in Prescott, Arizona. Call us today at 928-776-0301 to schedule a meeting and review your project with a member of our team.