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April 26, 2021

How To Choose a Custom Home Builder

How To Choose a Custom Home Builder

You’ve fallen in love with the outdoor lifestyle and incredible countryside of Prescott, Arizona, and you are contemplating claiming a piece of it for your own by building a custom home. It may be a primary residence or get-away second home, but you know you want your family to experience this exceptional place. Now, you’re left with deciding how to choose a custom home builder for your Prescott home.

It’s a great idea and a great decision, but if you haven’t built a custom home before, there are some basics you need to know to ensure your dream home makes it from your imagination to reality with a minimum of stress.

The Custom Home Building Process

Many would-be custom home buyers end up buying a “spec” home or working with a builder to modify a home that is already under construction. Why? Most begin with an incorrect understanding of the sequencing of custom home building. They believe (and it’s easy to do in Prescott) they will find and acquire the perfect piece of land, hire an architect and then put the plans out to bid to “vetted” builders. 

In fact, the process best plays out when it is reversed. Starting with a reputable, experienced local builder smooths out the process of finding and negotiating price and terms for that perfect piece of land. A builder can assist in engaging an architect who has a history of designing your style of home, and the contractor’s local knowledge of infrastructure, permitting, suppliers and even the weather can result in a less stressful, more cost-effective experience.

In short, you need a friend in the business to assist you in creating your dream custom home.

Finding a Custom Home Builder 

The relationship between buyer and builder is the key to a successful project that meets everyone’s expectations. But how do you find that perfect builder match? You can start by looking for the following:

  • Verifiable Reputation and Demonstrated Excellence. Building custom homes is a risky business. Building “spec” homes is a far safer proposition and that is why most builders focus on spec or tract construction. Custom home builders who have years in the business are doing something right and that something right is typically exceptional communications skills, talent, and integrity. Of course, the Better Business Bureau is a trusted source for evaluating contractors as are professional associations and credentials. Viewing existing end products (custom homes) is an excellent way to get a feel for quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and style.
  • Established Talent and Local Relationships. Successful custom home builders provide more services than just construction. They tend to be ground-up soup-to-nuts providers capable of design and pre-construction services. Typically they will have a team of specialists to handle all the ancillary issues (permits, infrastructure, materials, suppliers, etc.) associated with the end product. That would include a management team who works closely with you, answers your questions, addresses your concerns, keeps you on budget, and keeps you fully in the loop.
  • Technologically Current. New home building technology and building science principles give the new custom home buyer an opportunity to create a safer, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, home with enduring value. Application of these techniques and technologies can result in a shorter, less expensive build time as well as low maintenance, durable, high-value living space. Sticks and hammers are old school. You want a builder who is up to date on new structural component systems, sustainable materials, and cost-saving net-zero energy consumption systems. 

The RES Difference In Custom Home Building

RES Contracting has been crafting dream homes for clients settling in the Prescott and Prescott Valley area for 34 years. With over 100 custom homes in our gallery, we are confident you will be impressed with the thoughtful design and craftsmanship of our projects.

But we are much more than a construction company. We are a full-service builder staffed and resourced to assist you from site selection to move in and everything in between. We take a scientific approach to construction and are certified green builders and specialists in designing and applying cost-saving technologies.

But mostly, we understand that we are not building just another upscale residence. We are responsible for manifesting your ideas and dreams into a living space that is uniquely yours and doing it on budget. Contact us today and let’s begin exploring the Prescott possibilities. We look forward to hearing from you.