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November 9, 2022

How To Prepare Your Custom Home For A Prescott Winter

How To Prepare Your Custom Home For A Prescott Winter

People love living in Prescott because of its breathtaking natural landscapes, bustling downtown, and year-round activities. While the city’s average year-round temperature is 70 degrees, temperatures can dip below freezing in the winter. To get ready for the colder months, knowing how to prepare your custom home for a Prescott winter is vital to enjoying everything Prescott has to offer. 

Preparing Your Custom Home For Winter

To prepare your custom home for winter in Arizona, take the following steps: 

  • Clean out the gutters. Clogged gutters can cause major issues for your home and roof. If you don’t clean your gutters before winter, you risk major leaks and possible damage. Take a moment to clean your gutters and ensure they carry water away from your home.
  • Inspect and clean your fireplace. Servicing a fireplace involves cleaning it out and ensuring all components work correctly. Whether you have a gas, electric, or wood-burning fireplace, you should have it serviced before winter comes.
  • Switch out screen windows and doors. Sadly,  the warmth of summer isn’t as strong in Prescott’s winter months. To increase your home’s energy efficiency, replace your screens with storm windows and doors. 
  • Protect your plants. Temperatures can get fairly low during the winter in Prescott, especially at night. Such extreme cold temperatures can be detrimental to your outdoor plants. To prepare for winter, transfer any vulnerable plants inside your home so that you can keep them safe from the cold. You may also be able to protect your outdoor plants with a plastic cover or bedding. 
  • Check your roof for damage. A roof replacement is the last thing you’ll want during winter. Any broken or missing shingles should be addressed immediately, as they could be a sign of a deeper issue. 
  • Reverse your ceiling fans. Those ceiling fans aren’t just for keeping you cool in the summer! By reversing the direction of your ceiling fans, you’ll improve the flow of warm air throughout your home. 
  • Service your furnace. Your furnace should be serviced at least once a year. By having it serviced in the fall, your furnace will be ready to heat your home during the winter months. If you’re planning to be away for the winter, you should always have your furnace on and set to at least 55 degrees. 
  • Stop cold air leaks. You can winterize your home by using weather stripping and checking the insulation in your attic to ensure any cold air leaks are covered. Doing this will improve your home’s energy consumption and keep you warm all winter long. 

Winter is Coming! Get Your Home Ready

Winter may be on its way, but that doesn’t mean life stops in Prescott. We have tons of different activities locals can enjoy year-round. The best part is the acres of beautiful natural landscapes just outside Prescott’s lively downtown, perfect for building your next home. These communities offer gorgeous unobstructed views of surrounding mountains and natural forests.

If you’re looking to build your custom home in Prescott, schedule a meeting to review your project with a member of our team at RES Contracting today. We’d love to help you with your next project.