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April 7, 2021

Reasons Why People are Moving to Prescott, Arizona

Reasons Why People are Moving to Prescott, Arizona

If you’ve been researching places to build your next custom home, you may have noticed that Prescott keeps showing up. You may wonder why people are moving to Prescott. There are many great reasons to move here.

Located in central Arizona, historic Prescott has become a popular destination for people nearing retirement and those families looking for a second home in a spectacular countryside that averages 300 days of sunshine per year. A laid-back vibe contributes to a quality of life that has been recognized as one of the 100 best communities in the U.S.

Prescott is proud of its frontier history and there are over 700 buildings registered as historical. At the same time, the Whisky Row section of town is brimming with restaurants, galleries, and an active nightlife.  There is something here for everyone and that is why everyone who visits dreams of living here.

Consider this:

  • Small Town Vibe but Big Enough to Have What you Want. A quaint, charming downtown with a vibrant arts and entertainment community, provides the 40,000 residents of Prescott all the entertainment, education, shopping, and medical resources they need to live a fully engaged, active outdoor lifestyle. No pollution, no gridlock, no urban blight. Prescott is the perfect American hometown.
  • Four Mild Seasons. While only a little over an hour from Phoenix, at 5,400 ft altitude, Prescott does not experience the triple-digit heat of Scottsdale and other Phoenix-area snowbird communities. The average summer high in Prescott is 88 with an average low in the middle of winter hitting 23.
  • Spectacular Vistas Outside Your Front Door. Prescott is blessed with some of the most beautiful countrysides in the nation. Gorgeous mountain views, lakes, pine forests, and amazing granite formations surround the town creating postcard views out of every window in your home.
  • A paradise for the Outdoor Lifestyle. Given the climate and terrain, Prescott and Prescott Valley form an Eden for those who enjoy the great outdoors. Hiking trails, camping sites, great fishing lakes, kayaking, golf, and horseback riding are but a few of the outdoor activities the area offers.

If you are considering moving to Prescott you will have a variety of housing opportunities ranging from historical Victorian to beautiful custom homes with magnificent views. Prescott was settled in the 1800s by cattle ranchers and now many of those old ranches have become custom home developments.

Among the most popular and attractive custom home communities are the American Ranch, Crossroads Ranch, Las Vegas Ranch, Hassayampa Village, and Prescott Lakes. Each has its own personality but the characteristic they all share is the breath-taking vistas.    

Building a custom home is a different experience from buying an existing house. Custom homes allow you to design exactly the living space and style that fits your family perfectly. It has its challenges and obviously takes longer than buying a home off the market, but you are getting your dream home.

Moving to Prescott? You Have a Friend in the Business

Building a custom home is an exciting process, and you are going to need a guide to get you from site selection, to design, to procurement of materials, to build out and move in. This is your home and you are in charge. At RES Contracting we have been building custom homes in Prescott for people like you since 1987.

We will take whatever your dream is and turn it into a reality and we will do it professionally, creatively, and efficiently. It is your dream but you also have access to our experience in green construction technology, integration of outdoors with indoors, local knowledge of vendors, adhering to budgets. We are your personal builders and we treat each project as if we were going to live in it ourselves.

We encourage you to visit our gallery of completed custom homes to get a feel for the quality of work we do. Give us a call or contact us and we can start the process of delivering your Prescott, AZ dream home.