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May 31, 2022

The Best Smart Home Automation Devices For Your Custom Home

The Best Smart Home Automation Devices For Your Custom Home

Have you ever considered some smart home automation devices for your custom home? Here’s some reasons why you might just do that and you can also check out our list of the best smart home automation devices for your home while you’re here. 

What is Home Automation?

Home automation is the cutting edge of home technology. Most home automation systems incorporate a variety of devices that control aspects of the home and it’s basic features like temperature control, a/v equipment, security, lighting and so on. This level of control takes stress and worry away and can add real drama and fun to your home.

A homeowner can go as high-end as a Crestron or AMX whole home system that integrates most home features, or as simple and affordable as a Nest or Ring system controlled by your phone or laptop. 

Why Automate Your Home?  

There are so many benefits to automating your home. Once you get started you quickly see how much easier and more pleasant it can make your home life. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Simplicity – These systems make your life easier. Lighting and security modes in particular help simplify your life.
  • Time Saving – You don’t have to run across the whole house taking care of lighting and electronics when you have control over your phone or a touchscreen.
  • Streamlined – Modes streamline your life by controlling “the little things” all at once.
  • Routines – Most homeowners have routines in their life and automation systems can support that with reminders and modes. Wake up and have the lighting “follow” you and then adjust music as you start your morning routine, for example. 
  • Peace of Mind – Automation can save money by controlling usage and eliminating waste but the greatest payoff may come from the ability to solve problems no matter where you are. Away on a trip and worried something was left on or off? Just check it an fix it. 
  • Drama & Fun – Who knew tech could be so fun? Use a simple command to set the mood. One motion can change the window coverings, adjust the room temperature, lighting, and even turn on music or a movie. Party mode, family movie night, meditation mode, whatever you can imagine, you can create in an instant.

Best Smart Home Automation Devices For Your Custom Home

You may want to install a separate whole home automation system with a sophisticated controller and your choice of touchscreen styles placed throughout your home (we tend to use the Control4 for most of our projects). This is the ideal and it makes a wonderful addition to your home’s value and appeal. But if you are looking for a more targeted approach to automation these are the most desirable options available to you in this modern era.

  • Security – Security systems are vital and helpful and can even be incorporated into any other systems you have like cameras interacting with lighting.
  • Lighting and Windows – Controlling your lighting and windows creates ambiance and can enhance security. It saves time having modes for times of day and activities, and can also save you money. Worried you forgot something? Check your system and turn lights off or on remotely.
  • Audio Video – Having simple control of audio and video across the whole house is almost a must have. Integrated with other systems it can enhance your life creating modes like movie-time
  • Temperature Control – Make your home your oasis and save time and money controlling your temp and having integrated Modes for different needs.
  • Pool and Landscaping Control – Here again, having these devices automated can make your life easier, more pleasant, and when you include them in modes, more enjoyable. Landscape lighting, pool systems, and music can create a mood in an instant.

No matter what size system you are looking for in your custom build, give us a call to schedule an appointment to review your project. We’d love to see how we can help you build your ideal home in the Prescott area including automation, or without it! You can check out our amazing custom home work here for inspiration and please reach out to us as soon as possible at 928-776-0301.