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June 8, 2020

What is a Custom Home: Custom versus Semi-Custom

What is a Custom Home: Custom versus Semi-Custom

When you are considering building a house, one of the very first questions you will need to answer is how much input you want to have in the design of your new home. You will want to know the benefits of a custom home versus a semi-custom home. Here in Prescott, the beauty of the surroundings lends itself to custom building so as to take advantage of each unique property. That can be done with either a full custom home for the greatest input and impact, or with a semi-custom home. 

What Does A Semi-custom Home Mean?

With a semi-custom home the homeowner chooses a pre-designed house plan and then chooses from a selection of features to customize that set design. A semi-custom home is not begun from scratch because there is already a set house plan. You may work with the builder to choose a plan, or they may have a few designs that they offer to choose from. You choose elements to customize and personalize, like additional rooms, different colors, finishes, and so on. There is not as much input or flexibility with a semi-custom home build, but you can choose a design you love.

What Is A Custom Home Build?

With a custom home build, you design your ideal home to your exact specifications. You choose every element of the home from start to finish, beginning with the design. You choose the layout, the materials, and the finishings. It will be uniquely and exclusively yours, an absolute original as opposed to a copy. A custom home will be YOUR home, as opposed to a home where you simply select options.

Pros And Cons Of Custom Versus Semi-custom

You may know immediately that you want to custom design every important element of your home. With this choice you can design the house for the view, or for exactly how your family will most enjoy the home. Three living rooms and one bedroom? You can have that! Giant patio connecting two separate living spaces? Why not! You are not limited. But, of course, with a custom build, you may incur higher costs and the job of making every choice. When you work with experts like us here at RES Contracting, those worries are replaced with excitement because we know what we are doing and how to structure the process to reduce those challenges and make your life easier.  

While some of you are ready to be the creator of something entirely unique, others may choose to have a simpler, faster process and so may choose a semi-custom home. If you work with a high quality custom builder, like us, you consult with us to make the design perfect for you. Speed and limited input are definite pros for someone in that circumstance, but what about cons? Working with us at RES Contracting, you won’t experience many of the typical cons, but other builders do sometimes restrict you to just one or two options that still leave you with a home exactly like your neighbors, or one that doesn’t suit your needs or your property. Some semi-custom homes are actually cookie cutter homes with very few real choices for the homeowner. That is not how we do things. 

Let’s Start Building!

No matter what your preference, if you are interested in any type of custom home, call us first because we are eager to listen to your unique needs and ideas and work with you on your ideal home in Prescott. You can reach us at 928-776-0301 or by email at