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January 19, 2023

What Is A Design-Build Custom Home?

What Is A Design-Build Custom Home?

If you’re looking into building a custom home in the Prescott area, you may have come across the term “design-build.” But what is a design-build custom home? 

What Does Design-Build Mean?

Design-build is a popular construction service in which the same company manages both the design and construction of a project. Essentially, the same contractor that is going to build a home or other structure also designs it. Doing this reduces risks and shortens the timeline of a project since design can happen alongside construction.

In a design-build project, the contractor is the only responsible party for the contract, which makes managing the project much easier.

What Is The Difference Between Design-Build And Design-Bid-Build?

In a design-build project, the same contractor is responsible for designing and building a home or structure. However, different contractors are responsible for the designing and building stages of a design-bid-build project. 

If you’re looking to build a custom home and want to take the design-bid-build route, you’ll have to first find a designer. The designer will create and finalize all the designs for your project. After this, you’ll take the designs to different contractors and have each bid on the project. 

While design-bid-build projects are more common, the clear advantage of a design-build project is its quicker timeline and the ability to alter designs while the project is under construction. 

Disadvantages Of Design-Build

Design-build has few disadvantages for those looking to build the custom home of their dreams. It provides easy communication, high product quality, and a faster project timeline. Still, some have questions and concerns about the design-build process.

    • Will I pay more for design-build? Some believe that design-build leads to a higher project cost because you forfeit the opportunity to accept competitive bids from different contractors. However, design-build often provides higher quality results because project owners focus more on the quality of the product rather than finding the lowest cost when choosing a contractor. In short, you’ll find that you get what you pay for – a higher price often means better quality. 
  • Will I have any creative influence on my project? Sometimes design-build gets a bad reputation for having little flexibility when it comes to project owners having a say over the creative design of the project. While it’s true that some design-build contractors have pre-set creative they use (which many custom builders prefer), other contractors also allow personalization of projects. You just need to find a contractor who incorporates client input.  
  • How involved will I be in the design-build process? Most design-build processes involve project owners more in the beginning phases. As the project continues, contractors tend to contact their clients on an as-needed basis. While this is the norm for most design-build projects, it doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to be more involved in the process if you want to be. 

Is Design And Build A Fixed Price?

Design and build projects are typically offered at a fixed price. Bids for design-build projects include a fixed price for the entire project and adjustments for any incidental costs or alterations made throughout the project. 

Design And Build Your Dream Custom Home In Prescott

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