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June 22, 2020

Why Build a Green Home?

Why Build a Green Home?

Building a green home has numerous benefits – not just the feeling you get from knowing that you’re helping the earth and keeping your carbon footprint low, but it also has surprising financial benefits you may not have known about. Below are just some fantastic reasons why to build a custom green home.

Benefits of Building a Green Home

  • The first benefit is perhaps the most obvious – by building and owning a green home, you are helping decrease the load on the already-taxed environment. A green home uses less water and electricity than a traditional home, which leads to our next point…
  • Green homes are more water- and energy-efficient, which means lower monthly(?) bills. In addition, green homes are durable and stand up well to time; this means that you’ll likely have to spend less on maintenance over the years.
  • Since green homes and other environmentally-friendly initiatives are becoming increasingly popular, your green home will likely have an increased property value in the coming years, and may be much easier to sell should you ever decide to.
  • Not only will you be helping the environment become healthier with a green home, you and your family will become healthier too! This is because green homes have excellent air quality and far fewer harmful chemicals in products like paint and adhesives. 


Environmental Advantages of Green Homes

How is it exactly that buying or building a green home is better for the environment? Let’s walk through it. 

  • Green homes use materials that are sustainably sourced, recycled, or otherwise environmentally friendly (i.e. they take fewer resources to manufacture and won’t leak harmful chemicals). 
  • Green homes can use up to 40% less energy than traditional homes because of their efficient insulation and power sources
  • Green homes often use alternative sources of power that are far better for the environment than traditional forms; the best known example is solar panels, which harness energy from the sun’s rays and can be an excellent way to cut down on electricity costs — especially in Arizona, where it seems the sun never stops shining! Another way of sourcing power is geothermal, which uses the heat from the ground – which remains a steady 45-to-75 degrees Fahrenheit depending on location – in order to heat or cool your home.

Why Do We Need Eco-Friendly Homes?

Global warming is a significant problem, and reducing our carbon footprint is one of the best ways that we can help to fix it. Building an eco-friendly green home is significantly better for the environment than a traditional home, and will help contribute to lowering our overall carbon footprint and create a better, healthier, greener future for ourselves and our children.

To wrap it all up, building a green home is a good idea for far more reasons than just being eco-friendly; though of course, that’s a good enough reason on its own! If you’d like more information about building a custom home, or want to get the process started on your own custom home, contact us now at 928-776-0301.